Ha Giang tour 3 days 2 nights. Ha Giang – the leading land of Vietnam with a cool climate and fresh air is an attractive tourist destination for tourists. Coming to Ha Giang, you will have many majestic landscapes, such as Dong Van plateau, Quan Ba ​​twin mountain, Meo king palace, Ma Pi Leng pass, Lung Cu flagpole, and many waterfalls and interesting caves. will bring you a wonderful experience.



Day 01: Ha Noi – Ha Giang City ( 350km: L/ D)

06h30: The bus pick you up at your hotel in Ha Noi old Quarter.

11h00: The bus stops at Tuyen Quang city for rest

13h00: Bus arrive Ha Giang City. Enjoy your lunch at our restaurant. After our bus drop you off at hotel for checkin room and rest.

15h00: Tour guide pick you up at hotel to visit around the city:

Km0 square, Nui Cam mountain view.
Thanh Thuy – Chinese border.
Thon Tha, Ha Thanh Village – This is a small beautiful village about 6 km from Ha Giang City of Tay people. There are still ancient houses on stilts, terraced rice fields and especially a beautiful waterfall for nice time you to walk.

19h00: Have diner and come back the hotel. After free time.


Days 02: Ha Giang city – Lung Cu – Dong Van Town ( 175 km : B/ L/ D)

07h00: Have breakfast at hotel.

07h30: The car and tour guide pick you up. Right after that is a sightseeing trip to Ha Giang Loop:

Km0 square. This is the Ha Giang center and the starting point of the route of the road named Happiness from the city to the Meo Vac town with a length of 175 km.
Heaven’s Gate Quan Ba – Here you can stop and take pictures of the beautiful Nui Doi twin mountains view at the top of the slope.
Can Ty Pass – with altitude of 1000- 1200 meters above sea level. You can admire the beautiful and majestic scenery.
Tham Ma pass – we can stop at the top of slope and enjoy the beautiful slope. Before that you have to go through 9 interesting passages
Visit at Sung La valley and Lung Cam – This is a small village with classic houses of the Hmong people. Typically you can visit the house named after Pao’s house

12h30: Arrive Dong Van town have lunch and then driving on the road with special name “Happiness” to visit:

Ma Pi Leng Pass – At an altitude of over 1200 meters above sea level with a spectacular mountains view between Vietnam and China, below is the Nho Que river. Then this is a great place for sightseeing and taking photos. Also here you can stop and have a cup tea or coffee at the Panorama Coffee (this one you pay by yourself about 60.000 VND)

We visit Nho Que river by boat. Then the Meo Vac town.

PaVi – H’Mong Villag

17h30: Arrive and check in hotel (or homestay) at Dong Van town.

19h00: Have dinner at old Quarter. After you can walk around.


Days 03: Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ha Noi. (490 km: B + L + D)

07h00: Have breakfast at local market and a coffe. Then driving on the road with special name “Happiness” (On Sunday mornings, you can attend the local market of ethnic people at Dong Van town)

Dong Van district is the starting point of Vietnam with a border stretching hunderds of kilometers with China. With a populattion of mainly ethnic minorities living such as: Hmong, Tay, Nung, Lo Lo, Co Lao, San Chi, San Diu …. but most of them are Hmong (about 70%). The most famous is Dong Van old Quarter, since ancient times this is the major trading center of the whole region to this day. On Sunday mornings in Dong Van old town, there is a market of local people from everywhere flocking to gather, buy and sell busy

Lung Cu flag pole – in here have a beautiful Lo Lo Chai village localted at the foot of Long Son mountian and is the home of the Lo Lo minority people. The village still has unique houses and friendly people. You can visit here on foot.

Visit Hmong king’s palace – in the past this was the residence of the most powerful of the Hmong people and was considered their palace at that time, in a unique Chinese style.

13h00: Have lunch at Yen Minh town.

15h00: Arrive Ha Giang city. And wait the Limousine bus pick you up at our office come back Ha Noi.

16h00: The bus pick you up at office.

19h30: Have diner at Tuyen Quang. (have diner by yourself)

22h00: We’re arrive in Ha Noi. The trip finish.


Include and Terms

Tour included:

+ English tour guide.

+ Two ways Limousine bus tickets.

+ Transfer: 7 – 16 seats.

+ Meal included: 02 breakfasts, 03 lunches, 02 dinners

+ Hotel: 02 nights hotel or homestay

+ Entrance free: Pao’s House, Hmong King’s Palace, Lung Cu Plag, Nho Que River Boat Ticket.


Tour not included:

+ Drinks, tip ….

+ Single room

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